Tree Plantation Drive

Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Urdu, Arabi – Farsi University held a tree
plantation drive

KMCUAFU, Lucknow:

A massive tree plantation drive was held today at
Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Urdu, Arabi – Farsi University, Lucknow on
24th September, 2014. The drive was initiated by University Vice
Chancellor, Prof. Khan Masood Ahmad and University Registrar, Dr.
Nazim Hussain Al Jafri. During this drive, several saplings of Ashoka
tree were planted throughout the University campus by the University
staff and students. The drive was undertaken with a dual objective of
promoting the national tree Ashoka as well as creating awareness about
the decreasing number of these trees in the state.
The medicinal benefits of Ashoka tree have been accepted throughout
the world. Addressing the students and faculty members of the
University, the Vice Chancellor said that all the students of the
University must use their education for the betterment of the society
just like the Ashoka tree soothes the earth with its shade. During the
program Dr. Al Jafri too planted several saplings and said that each
student of the University must plant at least one tree every year to
make this earth a green planet. The programme was convened by Dr.
Neeraj Shukla and vote of thanks was given by Dr. Tanu Dang. The
program was well attended by senior professors of the University,
Prof. S.S.A Asharfi, Prof. Mahrukh Mirza, Prof. Haider Ali, other
faculty members and staff of the University.